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If you have BBC iPlayer, watch Max on tonight’s BBC Look East (first aired at 6:30pm). He’s in the second half of the program talking about being tired after Commonwealths, the latest Twitter hate and coaching. He looks like he really likes working with the tiny gymnasts and the footage is really cute xD

Max on Game Changers!

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How great was Max on the radio today? I heard it in the car and had to get on here and see if you listened too! He's down to earth and humble and the presenter was saying how shy he was when he interviewed him after his 1st Commonwealth medals in 2010. He's really cute!
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We recieved this three days ago - sorry we took so long to reply! Max was great, of course, and he’s on BBC Three Counties Radio right now too

I know it’s not the best photo of Max - but look at Brinn! Got to love a bit of team support :)

Congratulations Max! British Olympic Association Athlete of the Year

I think Dan might be third wheeling here…

Max on pommel horse in the team final

Max and Scott celebrating after Max’s floor to win silver in the AA

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There on maxwhitlocksupporters blog :)
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Ah yes I saw it! I think scott has a point about how max could’ve been tired after commonwealths, but I think he’s slightly overreacting. Everyone has bad days. The only thing you can do from here is to put all your power into making sure it doesnt happen again- dwelling on it does nothing.

Also, I didnt know that max is the closest to beating kohei than anyone’s ever been! Thats so amazing and I’m really proud of him :)


I want to know who wrote this so I can give them a big hug!

“We will definitely be talking about what went wrong and why we think it happened. It won’t be happening right away but I think it’s important we do it because it was probably the worst performance of Max’s life.

I think the fact it came so soon after the highs of the Commonwealth Games was a major reason and I could tell Max was a little tired. But we will be looking at outside influences and maybe the pressure that’s being put on him. It’s hard to deal with when you’re only 21 so we will be looking at it all.

“However the way Max responded it to all was amazing. It wasn’t easy for him to go back out there and do it all again for the team final. He was really hurting so for me the way he was able to perform like that was actually the highlight of our time out there.”

“We had to get Max’s mind right which took a little while and we had to do a lot of talking. There was a lot of emotion involved and I was quite anxious when we got back out there. I just wanted him to smash the pommel horse because he hadn’t done that in the World Championships before.”

“I wasn’t too fussed what happened after that but not only did he score 16 on the pommel, which would’ve won silver in the individual final, he grabbed it all by the scruff off the neck and for him to be second to his hero, Kohei Uchimura. Max was also the closest anyone has ever been to Uchimura and that in itself is an incredible achievement.”