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Max Whitlock


Well done to Max Whitlock for the great success at the Glasgow 2014 xxCommonwealth Games, I wish he achieves success in the World Championships 2014 in China as well. Good luck Max Whitlock

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Did you show anthony your blog? I dont wanthim to stop doing gymastics for coaching. I hope he knows hes loved and we want to see him keep competing :) xx
maxwhitlocksupporters maxwhitlocksupporters Said:

no I didn’t, I just asked him about the question! Aww that’s very sweet :) xx

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Has anthony been injured over the summer? He didnt seem in a good place at trials compared to nationals and he keeps tweeting like things are really tough for him. Sorry if thats not my business but I see his tweets and I worry!
maxwhitlocksupporters maxwhitlocksupporters Said:

he hasn’t been injured! he coaches a lot so he hardly has time to train properly, but he’s fine :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
More photos today? xxx
maxwhitlocksupporters maxwhitlocksupporters Said:

uploading to my laptop right now :) xx

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Dans likely just covering himself by saying he was upset about the teamscotlandgymnastics blog. Why would he be? I'm sure him and Max get on fine but its not like Max is 1 of the people Dans always tweeting about doing stuff outside gym with
maxwhitlocksupporters maxwhitlocksupporters Said:

why would he lie in a message that only I can see? Him and the other Scottish lads were genuinely upset about the blog and the fact that it was ‘supporting’ them whilst slating some of their best friends. Yes, they’re not always together outside of the gym because they live about 2 hours away from each other.



one of my favourite pictures from yesterday, Dan does make me laugh 💗 (more photos will be coming but I won’t spam you with them all at one time!!)

I love him hes so perf!

Here’s a fun fact for you teamscotlandgymnastics2014 : Max and Dan are actually friends and Dan really doesn’t like you very much for doing this to his friend! 

British Worlds team! :D

Max’s Rings London Open. 14.75

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You said more photos coming and you didnt :(
maxwhitlocksupporters maxwhitlocksupporters Said:

I know; I’m reaaaallllly sorry but I’ve been completely swamped with school work this week. On Saturday I PROMISE I will post them

Brinn’s pommels from the London Open. 14.400 (D:6.3, E:8.1). He tied for 4th in the senior division when he’s not even senior yet so he did great! :)

Reiss’s PBars from the London Open. His best piece of the day, he scored 15! :D

"That’s my target – to go in there and score around 90 or hopefully over, which I’ve done at a couple of competitions now. It’s all about performing good routines and if I do that then it will just depend on how far you are above the 90 as to where you place. Last year I came fourth all-around and it would be great to improve on that"

Max’s coach, Scott Hann, was inducted into the London Open Hall of Fame:

“Scott puts so much into the sport and into me and our club and our team so it’s great that he has been recognised as one of the top coaches. I believe he is the best coach for me and I would not be where I am without him.”

Quotes taken from interview with which can be heard (audio only) if you follow the link :)