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MAX Whitlock is gunning for more glory at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

But if things had worked out slightly differently he could well have been aiming for medals in the pool and not on a pommel horse.


Commonwealth Games England - We are England are coming for you Glasgow 2014 Chris Mears with Louis Smith , Max Whitlock and Adam Gemili!

Max talking about some of his GB teammates competing for Scotland:

“Gymnastics is a friendly sport all around, and these are my team-mates who I’ve trained with and competed in a team with for many years now. So I support them and we all support each other. And to be honest it feels like we are going in as one team because we’ve been training together in the build-up. So I want everyone to go out and do the best they can and show what they have been working on in training.”

Max has become ambassador for the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (Link here)

Max has become ambassador for the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (Link here)

“It is a great honour to be representing the charity’s appeal and I am excited to do all I can to help raise its profile. I’ve been privileged to spend time with patients at the Buttercup Walk and hear about the incredible treatment they have received at the RNOH. It’s a very special hospital and I am looking forward to working more closely with the charity.”

Max’s ‘Training Secrets Part 2’ video for the National Lottery

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Max and Sam coordinating outfits for tomorrow :'D #Cuties
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haha I know - got to love them!




That is GREAT!! Keep up good work Max!!!

Jay’s New Training Video :)