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We primarily support SEGC but we do NOT like hate for ANY gymnasts/coaches/anyone!
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English and Scottish teams after podium training, ready for battle tomorrow ;)


Shirtless Max Whitlock

Team England at podium training for the Commonwealth Games

The boys!

Beth Tweddle backing Max for Commonwealth success :)

Team England have arrived in Glasgow!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I think we should get the SEGC MAG to compete in a rhythmic gymnastics competition for the day. I'd love to watch Jay and Max dance through rings and catch balls as well as manage to be that flexible, plus the leotards could prove quite amusing
maxwhitlocksupporters maxwhitlocksupporters Said:


Haha, my mum was actually saying this today (she humours my gym obsession very well!). They could do it while they’re swapping apparatus with the girls for the day as was someone’s idea a while ago! I’ve seen some pretty good attempts from guys on beam actually, might be fun to see how SEGC got on :)

Was this meant for my side-blog? I think it was so I’ll reblog it over there :)

Little Reiss and little Sam!!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I want to be Maxs hairdresser so i can run my hands through his hair like that
maxwhitlocksupporters maxwhitlocksupporters Said:

haha :P

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Does Max have a pro photographer following him around or what? His instagram pictures and films always look so good!
maxwhitlocksupporters maxwhitlocksupporters Said:

Haha, I totally agree! I think he must quite enjoy it :)

MAX Whitlock is gunning for more glory at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

But if things had worked out slightly differently he could well have been aiming for medals in the pool and not on a pommel horse.