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Fans of British Gymnast Max Whitlock and his club, South Essex Gym Club. Spreading some love for those guys cos there wasn't enough on the gymternet already!

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We primarily support SEGC but we do NOT like hate for ANY gymnasts/coaches/anyone!
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Little Max competing on floor

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What vault does max do in his video this morning? :-)
maxwhitlocksupporters maxwhitlocksupporters Said:

We weren’t sure but we asked Katharine twoflips-threetwists and she thinks “justĀ a yurchenko with no twists, like a timer” :)

Wow. No wonder we get messages saying Max has beautiful eyes!

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Cutting the ribbon to open Weston Homes


Does this captionless Instagram post from Hannah basically confirm that she and Sam are in a relationship or

Reblog for the few anons who’ve asked us about Sam and Hannah recently :)

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Claudia Fragapane was training at SEGC this evening. Other events thins week include all coaches and max taking part in the als ice bucket challenge and a chalk fight resulting in some of the younger juniors at south essex leaving with chalk covered faces.
maxwhitlocksupporters maxwhitlocksupporters Said:

hahaha how cute :)